Work from Home

4D Creativity
4D Creativity
Release Dates
(PS5, Xbox Series) Worldwide
Sep 29 2022
(Switch) Worldwide
Dec 1 2022
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Work from Home is a cooperative party video game developed and published by 4D Creativity.


Work from Home is a co-op party game for one-to-four players.

Work from Home revolves around different workplaces. While avoiding the boss, players use all kinds of materials in the environment to slack off and have fun!

The game has eight themes: including Office, Aircraft Cabin, Restaurant, Casino, Construction Site, Computer Store, School, and Spa, with more than 100 stages in total. In each theme there are different slacking activities and characteristic crafting props, bringing endless surprises and fun to players!

How to Play

Within limited time, players try to participate “slacking activities” as many as possible to get more points.

For “slacking activities,” players need to use materials to craft “slacking combination” and then add enough consumables, which will be consumed over time.

On the other hand, the boss will randomly appear in different rooms. Players in the same room need to “pretending to work” in front of the boss, and all “slacking combinations” in the room will be destroyed by the boss.

Besides leaving the room in time to avoid the boss, players can also pick up the “slacking combination” and pretending to work.

Appropriate allocation of “slacking” and “pretending to work” under the supervision of the boss and time constraints is the workplace survival rule for Work from Home players!

Key Features

  • Crafting Props – Use different items available in each workplace to craft a variety of unexpected “slacking centerpiece.”
  • Slacking Activities – A variety of slacking activities for you to discover. Use your creativity to break the boredom at work!
  • Boss – Don’t get caught! Boss may catch you slacking anytime. But worrying too much can make you run after a shadow.
  • Themes – Eight different workspace themes with more than 100 stages are waiting for you to explore!

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