White Album: Memories like Falling Snow

Release Dates
(PS3) Japan
Jun 24 2010
(PC) Japan
Mar 30 2012
(PC) Worldwide
Aug 4 2023
Japanese Title
WHITE ALBUM -綴られる冬の想い出-
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White Album: Memories like Falling Snow is a romance visual novel developed and published by Aquaplus. It is published by Shiravune in the west.


The classic visual novel from Aquaplus that launched one of Japan’s most beloved franchises.

White Album is a story of love in many forms.

Toya Fuji is an ordinary college student but for one thing: His connection to the popular singer Yuki Morikawa.

That popular singer, you see, is his girlfriend… and the more popular she gets, the less time the two can spend together. Will they stay a couple, or will their ways part? As winter falls and the air grows colder, the two lay down new tracks in the album of their love…

This album will be as white as snow, and as poignant.


Strains of a song drift on the cold winter wind,and outside a music shop, my feet come to a stop. The cathode-ray tubes of the monitor pipe in a picture
and I stand here, on the other side, silently watching. On my way home from classes, amid the biting chill, she holds me rapt…

It’s been as ordinary as every other day of my life. Ordinary, that is, in every way except one. We’ve clung together just as always, even since her debut. At least so far.

She leads her extraordinary life, and I live my mediocre one. People meet, and they break up, and get all mixed up together, but the days spin by all the same.

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