Release Dates
(PS5, PC) Worldwide
Aug 27 2021
(Xbox Series) Worldwide
Sep 7 2021
(PS4, Xbox One) Worldwide
Feb 25 2022
(Switch) Worldwide
Apr 14 2022

Tormented Souls is a survival horror video game developed by Dual Effect and Abstract Digital Works, and published by PQube.


Classic survival horror is back! Solve puzzles and face sinister enemies in deadly combat in this relentless nightmare as Caroline Walker hunts for missing twin girls in a cavernous abandoned mansion. Can you confront your fears and uncover the secrets of Winterlake… or will you die trying?

Key Features

  • Something Evil Lurks at Winterlake – While investigating the disappearance of twin girls at Winterlake, something terrible happens to Caroline Walker. Waking in the dead of night, naked and hooked up to some kind of outdated medical equipment in a bathtub, Caroline must fight for her life as she explores the halls of the abandoned mansion.
  • A Return to Classic Survival HorrorTormented Souls draws inspiration from classic survival horror like From Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Alone in the Dark. A modern take on the fixed-perspective action-adventure game, it offers a modernized control scheme and dynamic camera combined with classic gameplay.
  • Deadly Combat – Dark forces and unspeakable horrors will do everything in their power to stop Caroline getting to the truth. Use anything and everything that you can find to fight back against evils lurking in the darkness.
  • Keep Your Wits About You – You’ll need much more than a steady aim and sharp reflexes to make it out alive. Search the environment for anything you can use to your advantage. Combine items to solve twisted puzzles and use every resource available to explore the secrets of the mansion and its grounds.
  • Fiendish Puzzles – Scavenge essential resources and tools, decipher clues from long-forgotten journals, and combine it all to solve fiendish puzzles and get to the bottom of the mansion’s sordid history.
  • Gateways to Another Dimension – Nothing is quite as it seems at Winterlake. Mirrors provide a path to an alternate reality and another place in time. By crossing these shimmering gateways, Caroline can manipulate the very fabric of reality in surprising ways.
  • You Are Not Alone in the Dark – The mansion may seem abandoned, but as Caroline investigates its secrets, dark forces and unspeakable horrors will do everything in their power to stop her getting to the truth. Be sure to be alert at all times, and use anything you can find to fight off the encroaching terrors of Winterlake. Just remember: gaze into the darkness, and it also gazes into you…

Can Caroline Walker escape with the truth and escape with her life?

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