Throne and Liberty

Release Dates
First Half of 2023
Korean Title
쓰론 앤 리버티
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Throne and Liberty, formerly Project TL, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing video game developed and published by NCSOFT. It is published by Amazon Games in North America, South America, Europe, and Japan.


Thrilling with life during the day, yet mysterious at night. You can look up to the sky, or down over the vast land. You are free to your live life your own way. And you can enjoy yourself—all together. Our world is waiting for you.


  • I: Star Children – The Book of Beginnings – The Star of Silaves… It is rumored that fragments of the Sealstone containing Silaves, Goddess of Destruction, were scattered around the world like stars after the stone was shattered. Those born with the power of these “stars” were called Star Children.
  • II: Captain DaVinci’s Resistance Army – 1186 N.D. – Revil Lupius seized the throne of Solisium with the backing of the Arkeum Legions and started a brutal war. Davinci Aron and the leaders of several guilds formed the Allied Resistance Forces to stop the Arkeum Legions.
  • III: Witch Calanthia’s Invasion – 1192 N.D. – Meanwhile, the wizard Yan Junion was secretly protecting the Star Children so they wouldn’t become exploited as tools of war. Kazar, commander of the Arkeum Legions, dispatched the witch Calanthia to the children’s island.
  • IV:  Kazar Simosen of the Arkeum Legions – 1194 N.D. – The island was destroyed due to the invasion of Calanthia and the
    Arkeum Legions, and Clay Carter evacuated the Star Children. Kazar continued to pursue Silaves’s star fragments to seize absolute power and satisfy his greater ambitions.
  • V: For the Freedom of Solisium – Finally – As time went by, the Star Children grew up to become apprentice Resistance Army Soldiers. Now, you must leave Whisp Island and head to Laslan to develop the power of the stars and free Solisium from the Arkeum Legions.

Key Features

  • A World Purely Your Own – There is no certain path to your destiny. Everyone starts from the same beginning. Some set off on epic travels, even aiming for the pinnacle of the world, some prefer to accumulate wealth, while some simply enjoy the company of others. A world purely your own. This is the world we strive to bring to life.
  • Multiple Paths to Victory – There is no single conclusion. Combat is always engaging and challenging, and there is never one path to victory. In this world of possibility, you can experiment with different weapons regardless of class. Bosses, field events, guild battles, and more require a new strategy every time. You may be stronger in a group than alone, but regardless, you can choose to venture forth as a lone wolf.
  • A Living, Breathing World – We seek out this living, breathing world. A world which is vast, yet interconnected, its ever-changing regions interacting with each other. Both weather and environment will transform your experience in profound ways. The shape of the terrain or the nature of its flora and fauna may change, triggering new events to challenge you further. You can study the ebb and flow of nature, and adapt to your environment—or choose to fight against it.
  • Gameplay for Everyone – A world to suit all play styles. Gameplay for everyone: one for all, all for one. A multifaceted, in-dpeth MMORPG for both PC and console. Beautifully designed, engaging content with global appeal in a multiplatform format. We aimed to create a game that brings excitement to as many people in as many ways as possible.

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