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Jul 18 2023
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Techtonica is a simulation video game developed and published by Fire Hose Games.


Welcome to the strangely beautiful, bioluminescent, and mysterious sub-surface alien world of Techtonica. You’ll begin with only the basics for digging, mining, and resource production.

Build Machines

Discovering everything in Techtonica demands unique equipment, power, and resources. Build specialized machines to optimize gathering and production as you arm yourself with the tools needed to go further and deeper.

Automate Everything

Connect a network of machines and resources with Conveyor Belts and Inserters that enable you to automate your lines of production and optimize your factory’s flow.

Create Sprawling Factories

Take mining and production to new heights by constructing sprawling, efficient factories and turning the alien caverns into your base of operations. Bend the ground to your will to make and clear space for your machines.

Explore and Discover

Exploration pays off in Techtonica. Tunnel your way to massive ore deposits, research-rich facilities, and hidden caves to find rewards and scan aging artifacts. You’ll unlock new recipes for enhanced automation systems and even more powerful technology.

Unravel Mysteries

There’s something off about this mysterious alien world.

key Features

  • Beautiful World – Explore the cavernous depths of Techtonica surrounded by bioluminescent flora in first-person.
  • Factory Building – Power your mining and production with dynamic and interlinked factory systems.
  • Complete Automation – Conveyor belts and unique travel systems make sprawling, automated factories easier to build, connect, and traverse.
  • Rewarding Upgrades – Start small and get massive with gameplay systems that continually evolve with new challenges and solutions.
  • Aural NirvanaTechtonica arrives with a build-inspiring original soundtrack from Cityfires (20XX, Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered).
  • Cooperative PlayTechtonica will be entirely playable alone or with up to four-player co-op.

Techtonica Trailers