Super Zangyura

Release Dates
(Switch) Japan
Jun 10 2021
(PS4, PS Vita) Japan
Jun 24 2021
(PS4, Switch) Worldwide
Mar 2 2022
Japanese Title
メイドさんを右に ミ☆
Official Website

Super Zangyura is an action video game developed by Platine Dispositif and published by Mediascape.


An incredible evil threatens the world once again! The fearless Maid, morning star in hand, marches ever rightwards through the ancient castle! Obliterating the weird and/or ghoulish foes blocking her path to the deepest chambers, what she finds waiting for her must be seen to be believed!

Originally released in 2004, Zangyura‘s unique blend of puzzles and action has returned as a modernized remaster, Super Zangyura. The music and visuals have been overhauled, but the simple yet satisfying old-school action has been kept intact!

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