Snow Bros. Special

Release Dates
May 19 2022
Korean Title
스노우 브라더스 스페셜
Japanese Title
スノーブラザーズ スペシャル

Snow Bros. Special is a platformer developed by CRT Games and published by Daewon Game Media Lab.


Snow Bros. is a classic platform game that was first released as an arcade game in 1990 by Toaplan, a Japanese development studio that was mainly famous for their shoot ’em up games. The critically acclaimed Snow Bros. later released for several consoles and home computers. Being well-liked by players, Snow Bros. spawned a sequel on arcade. Snow Bros. gained cult status as a sought-after retro game after having been dormant since the 90s.

30 years later it’s time for the heroes Nick and Tom to return in a modern interpretation with the title Snow Bros. Special coming to Switch later in 2022. Snow Bros. Special has inherited the cute design and the feeling from the original arcade version, but has been upgraded to make it even more fun. The game can be played by two players at the same time.

New in Snow Bros. Special is the “Monster Challenge” mode in which you play as the monsters. Each monster has its own special moves and controls which will change how you play the game. Monster Challenge is included with the physical version and available as a separate downloadable content for the download version.


One day, the peaceful country of Snow Land is suddenly invaded by King Artich of Kingdom Hotteda Kingdom! The twin princes of Snow Land, Nick and Tom, try to stop him, but in turn are transformed into snowmen by the curse of King Artich. The twin princesses, Puripuri and Puchipuchi are abducted and Snow Land began melting down and disappearing. Nick and Tom start their long journey to regain peace in Snow Land, rescue the princesses and lift the curse.

Key Features

  • Snow Bros. Special will be released for Switch.
  • Featuring two-player platform action.
  • Play as all the monsters in “Monster Challenge” mode!

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