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Slime Heroes is an action adventure video game developed by Pancake Games and published by Whitethorn Games.


Journey with your fellow slimes to save the ancient guardians from a mysterious corruption taking over the land. Explore a whimsical world filled with secret passageways, challenging puzzle dungeons and forgotten treasures. Consume special gems and dynamically combine them to create unique magical skills. Level up and fight back against the corrupted minions to restore the land.

Key Features

  • Dynamic Abilities
    • Collect an arsenal of skill gems consumed from defeated corrupted creatures.
    • Dynamically mix skill gems to craft your own unique skill sets at any time.
    • Discover all the different types of enemies to complete your gem collection.
  • Cooperative Play
    • Jump into your friends’ game at any time and drop right into the action.
    • The entire game can be played through with a friend.
    • All loot is shared; no fighting over that one pretty gem.
    • Create totally different magical abilities that can complement each other when playing with a friend.
  • Expansive World
    • Discover secret passageways and challenging puzzle dungeons in a whimsical open world.
    • Find the six gods of the realm and defeat the corrupted version of each. Once freed they will aid you on your quest!

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