RPG Time! The Legend of Wright

Release Dates
(Xbox Series, Xbox One, PC) Worldwide
Mar 10 2022
(PS4, Switch) Worldwide
Aug 18 2022
Japanese Title
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RPG Time! The Legend of Wright is an adventure video game developed by DeskWorks! and published by Aniplex.


It’s time for adventure!

When school’s out, it’s RPG time! Let’s play an RPG that’s hand-drawn by a game-loving boy named Kenta, who drew it all on his notebook. Fun and exciting gimmicks and tricks appear every time you turn the page! A new, yet nostalgic gaming experience that has won numerous indie game awards is finally coming for your after-school entertainment!

A handmade notebook adventure, RPG Time: The Legend of Wright.

Key Features

  • Story – Monsters suddenly appear in the Castle of Light! The protagonist of this story, a hero named Wright, rushes in to aid! The story is told through comic strips, panels, and animation that are all hand-drawn!
  • Field – This is Cardboadia, the land in which The Legend of Wright is set! The first dungeon is called “The Cave of Beginnings”! The thrilling grand adventure begins here! The hero makes a brief stop at a place called “The Town of Departures.” Peel off the sticky note covering the bustling tavern to look inside! A hand-drawn map shows all the town’s important facilities! Your destinations can all be found at a glance!… This “Illusionary Forest” looks suspicious! A mysterious old woman awaits the hero at the entrance… It’s a giant maze inside the Illusionary Forest! Navigate the myriad trees and rivers, and defeat enemies to reach the exit!
  • Battle – A Fireman appears! Who will reign supreme in this scorching battle!? Unique and loveable monsters all require different strategies to defeat! No two battles are the same! A Horse Knight covered in impenetrable armor appears! Is there a way to break through its ironclad defense!?
  • Gimmicks – Use Kenta’s hand-crafted directional pad to move the hero! There is an area called Button Mountain located right above the notebook, where various action buttons the hero can use for their adventure are stacked high. When Kenta gives you the “Dig” button, look at the ground carefully and try to dig through to proceed! A sudden baseball match against a mole begins! Use the “Hit” button to hit back the mole’s pitches! Kenta impulsively erases a road with his eraser! The game can make unexpected turns at the young gamemaster’s whim! It’s game over if you run out of life! Wake the hero up to try again! If you don’t know what to do next, try reading the hints!

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