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Aug 2024

REKA is an adventure video game developed by Emberstorm Entertainment and published by Fireshine Games.


REKA is an atmospheric base building game set in a late 19th century rural Europe. Play as an herb witch and travel the countryside with your self-built chicken-legged cottage.

Collect magical and mundane ingredients in forests, fields and swamps. Craft medicine and magical supplies to heal and aid local villagers. Expand your fantastical home and make it yours by decorating and customizing it with progressively new crafting stations, furniture and decorations.

Key Features

  • An extensive witch’s cottage base-building system:
    • Construct your very own witch home.
    • Furnish it with tons of furniture and decorative items.
    • You have the ultimate placement freedom to customize your house!
    • Experience a new aesthetic inspired by rural Europe of the 19th century.
  • Find and collect numerous plants and ingredients in a stunning ever changing landscape.
  • Discover fantastic locations and help the people and creatures of the land.

Be the witch!


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  • January 31, 2023

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