Ray’z Arcade Chronology

Release Dates
(PS4, Switch) Japan
Mar 9 2023
(PS4, Switch) Worldwide
Jun 30 2023
(PC) Worldwide
Sep 25 2023
Japanese Title
レイズ アーケード クロノロジー
Official Website

Ray’z Arcade Chronology is a shoot ’em up video game collection developed by M2 and published by TAITO. In the west, it is published digitally by ININ Games and physically by Strictly Limited Games.


Ray’z Arcade Chronology includes the following titles:

  • RayForce (1994)
  • RayStorm (1996)
  • RayStorm NEO-HD (2023) – A remastered version of the arcade version of RayStorm. RayStorm HD launched in 2010 with additional elements and support for 16:9 aspect ratio, but RayStorm NEO-HD includes the same content as the arcade version and retains a 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • RayCrisis (1998)
  • RayCrisis HD (2023) – A remastered version of RayCrisis.

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