Radirgy Swag

Release Dates
Jun 13 2019
Jan 10 2022
Japanese Title
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Radirgy Swag is a shoot ’em up video game developed and published by RS34. In the west, it is published by Dispatch Games.


Take a quick trip to the moon! Enjoy the radio wave shooter with a Japanese pop culture twist.

Radirgy Swag is a unique shooter with game mechanics that can be enjoyed by players of all different levels. The planes in Radirgy Swag are not only equipped with guns, but you can also destroy enemies with your sword. This feature allows you to attack your enemies from different angles. Use your shield or fill up your Absonet gauge to give you temporary invincibility against your foes. Master both offensive and defensive techniques to conquer your mission.

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  • May 17, 2019

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