Project ME

Project ME is an open-world simulation / action role-playing video game developed by Pathea Games and published by Nuverse.


Project ME features an open-world setting with a cozy vibe, a larger map promising an expansive oasis landscape for exploration. As the governor of a new settlement, players will run a town as well as their home, along with much more freedom to customize the home and manage the town at scale. Cooperative features are planned for this new title focusing on forming positive social experiences, as players can visit other settlements to help others build their towns in cooperative gameplay.

Key Features

  • Open-World Exploration – A vast, open world containing at least eight regions of various landforms. This world will carry out the originality of the “My Time” universe but will feature new storylines, lores, and roleplaying.
  • Building and Management Simulation – Doing what it did best in the simulation space but enhancing greater degrees of customization, interior decor, homestead construction, expanding to town planning and running as a governor.
  • Mysterious Storyline and Deepened Interactions with NPCs – The brand new title will feature new stories in the “My Time” universe, alongside playable NPCs that are much more involved with your gameplay experience. Employ your fellow NPCs and learn more about their skill sets as you embark on leading this town as mayor!
  • Player-Driven Ecosystem and Experiences – Whether in its final form or under development, Project ME champions the idea that the game experience is shaped by the community of players who participate in it. The game will be both playable as a single-player and multiplayer where its cooperative features could enhance the simulation experience.

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  • May 17, 2023

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