PowerSlave: Exhumed

PowerSlave: Exhumed is a first-person shooter developed and published by Nightdive Studios. It is an enhanced version of PowerSlave.


PowerSlave: Exhumed is a KEX Engine port of the classic console game.

Destination: The ancient Egyptian city of Karnak. Alien forces possessing horrifying powers have sealed off the once thriving community from all outside contact. As a covert operations specialist, you have been trained for all forms of contingencies. Nothing can prepare you, however, for the nightmare you are about to enter…

Key Features

  • First-person viewpoint action.
  • 20-plus levels of non-stop gameplay through an ancient Egyptian city and the tomb of the Pharaoh Ramses.
  • Real-time fully 3D rendered gameplay allows you to move between floors within a single level.
  • Cross bridges and swim through underwater grottos.
  • With just a machete to start, search for six other weapons including hand grenades, a flame thrower, an M-60 machine gun, and a magical cobra staff.
  • Dynamic lighting creates stunning visual effects.

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