Release Dates
(PC [Epic Games Store]) Worldwide
Aug 10 2023
(Switch) Worldwide
Dec 15 2023
(PC [Steam]) Worldwide
Mar 25 2024

Palia is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online simulation video game developed and published by Singularity 6.


Palia is a cozy massively multiplayer online game from Singularity 6. Players will step into a breathtaking new world and experience the wonder and charm of Palia through the eyes of their own unique character. Players will work together to explore Palia‘s immersive landscape, meet a diverse and eclectic cast of characters, and unravel the mysteries of Palia‘s ever-evolving world story.

Key Features

Prospective Palians teeming with excitement to secure their housing plot can expect familiar, yet unique, cozy gaming and shared-world multiplayer features and mechanics, such as:

  • Create Your Own Aesthetic – Create a character that is truly your own using Palia‘s facial and avatar customization options. A healthy mix of free and premium in-game clothing options gives players a robust assortment of style choices to fit the player’s vibe, whether they feel like adventuring, or just kicking back with friends.
  • Persistent Online MultiplayerPalia is a cozy massively multiplayer online. Players can hop into Palia‘s evolving world and adventure with friends anytime, and no two gameplay sessions will be alike.
  • Evolving World Story – Players can expect hours of gameplay in Palia‘s main storyline, but players can also explore Palia‘s whimsical multiplayer open world and create a story all their own. Players can also expect frequent storyline updates, in-game events, and more for years post-launch.
  • Eclectic Villagers and Quests – The Villagers of Palia‘s world are designed for depth and feature complex, interconnected stories that tie into the game’s evolving world story. Players can develop meaningful friendships and receive impactful mainline and side quests from Palia‘s diverse cast of characters. Love might even be in the air for players interested in romancing select Villagers.
  • Engaging Skills, Gathering, and Crafting – Players will need materials to build the in-game life and home of their dreams, as well as create giftable items for their favorite Villagers. Players can gather and craft these items by using, refining, and leveling-up awesome skills and fun minigames, such as fishing, foraging, hunting, insect catching, cooking, gardening, and more. Players will progress their character and earn new recipes for crafting increasingly useful items using the player’s intuitive worktable.
  • Welcome Home – The sheer amount of housing customization options available, to both the house’s interior and exterior, practically ensures that no two housing designs will be the same. If they want, players can expect to progress their pad from a tent to the size of a mansion estate. Players will truly have the opportunity to make their in-game house a home.

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