Oshiri Tantei: Pupu Mirai no Meitantei Toujou!

Release Dates
Nov 4 2021
Japanese Title
おしりたんてい ププッ みらいのめいたんていとうじょう!
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Oshiri Tantei: Pupu Mirai no Meitantei Toujou! is a detective adventure game developed by appci and published by Nippon Columbia.

A New Adventure Game with an Original Story

Oshiri Tantei: Pupu Mirai no Meitantei Toujou! features a game-original story supervised by the original author. In this exciting and heart-pounding story, the player takes on the role of an apprentice at the Oshiri Tantei Office, and solves difficult cases alongside Oshiri Tantei, his assistant Brown, and the Wankoro Police.

Photologic Adventure: Solve Mysteries by Taking Photographs and Gathering Information

Oshiri Tantei: Pupu Mirai no Meitantei Toujou! includes many scenes in which players must solve mysteries by taking photographs. Use photographs to make inferences such as searching for evidence on the vast field, or staking out the crime scene and taking photographs of the conclusive crime scene. The camera is also used for a variety of other areas.

A Variety of Mini-Game-Style Labyrinth Games

As you attempt to uncover the truth of each case, the popular labyrinth games from the original children’s books will occur, through which you can chase down the culprit. In these games, you control the player character with the intuitive controls of an action game while using various tricks to track down the culprit.

Familiar and Popular Characters from the Anime Appear, Voiced

Oshiri Tantei, Brown, Kaitou U, and other familiar characters from the anime will appear en masse in Oshiri Tantei: Pupu Mirai no Meitantei Toujou!. The voice actors from the anime reprise their roles for the game (which is partly voiced), so you can enjoy movie scenes as if you were watching the anime.

  • Oshiri Tantei (voiced by Yuuko Sanpei)
  • Brown (voiced by Ayaka Saitou)
  • Kaitou U (voiced by Takahiro Sakurai)
  • Wankoro Police
    • Chief Maltese (voiced by Ikkei Watanabe)
    • Koimayu (voiced by Makoto Nakamura)
    • Kubifutoshi (voiced by Kenji Sugimura)
    • Mimitogari (voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi)
    • Permanent (voiced by Tetsuhiro Ikeda)
  • Townspeople
    • Master (voiced by Takayuki Sugou)
    • Suzu (voiced by Reika Uyama)

Many other characters will also appear!

Much More to Do Even After Solving the Riddles

Many detective adventure games are no fun to play after clearing the game once, but this game is full of replayability elements. For example, the scene for the “Special Move” unleashed by Oshiri Tantei changes depending on how you solve the case, and the location of the “Butt Marker” changes each time you play.

Complete with Bonus Elements for Oshiri Tantei Fans

The game comes complete with “Bonus” elements that Oshiri Tantei fans are sure to enjoy, including the ability to play the labyrinth games from the main story in Time Attack mode. And by spending the points obtained based on your gameplay results, you can collect Special Move scenes and listen to the voices of the cast.

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