Oreshika (2011)

Release Dates
(PSP) Japan
Nov 10 2011
(PS5, PS4) Japan, Asia
Apr 16 2024

Oreshika is a turn-based role-playing video game developed by Alfa System, MARS Corporation, and JAPAN Studio, and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.


Live, die, and repeat in this legendary generation-spanning RPG.

Oreshika is an RPG where you take control of a clan twice-cursed by demon leader Shuten Doji, whose hordes are hell-bent on attacking humans and destroying Kyoto. Join them on their quest to slay Shuten Doji, lift the two curses and bring peace and prosperity to the capital once more.

The clan has been struck with the Curses of Ephemerality and Broken Lineage. But the gods in heaven lend them a helping hand. Though they are unable to procreate with other humans, they are able to have children with willing gods. The clan must fight on to secure their bloodline until the day they can finally defeat Shuten Doji.