No More Heroes

Release Dates
(Wii) Japan
Dec 6 2007
(Wii) North America
Jan 22 2008
(Wii) Europe
Mar 14 2008
(Switch) Worldwide
Oct 28 2020
(Luna) Worldwide
Feb 11 2021
(PC) Worldwide
Jun 9 2021
Japanese Title
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Japanese (Wii)

No More Heroes is an open-world action video game developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and published by Marvelous. In the west, it is published by XSEED Games.


The name’s Travis Touchdown. Buckle up, ’cause this is how my story began.

It all started the night I was out drinking with some smokin’ hot chick at the bar. Before I knew it, I was ranked #11 in the UAA (that’s United Assassins Association)—with ten suckers standing in the way of me being #1.

I’ve got my trusty beam katana in one hand to take care of the small fries, and the other one ready to hold my girl once I take my place as the best assassin the world’s ever seen.

It’s a long way to the top, but this all-American otaku won’t stop until he’s #1, baby!

The classic slice-and-dice, nonstop action of No More Heroes has been given the HD makeover it rightfully deserves! Get ready to cut down legions of foes and square off against a cast of rival professional killers just oozing personality as you slash a path to victory.

But it’s not all hack-and-slash insanity! When you’re not fighting for your life, you’ll do part-time jobs to buy new merch, undergo training to power up for the next ranking battle, and take your tricked-out motorbike for a spin through the streets of Santa Destroy.

Key Features

  • Burn rubber through the coastal city of Santa Destroy on Travis’ motorbike, the Schpeltiger!
  • Unlock a devastating arsenal of pro-wrestling moves—from Power Bombs to Brain Busters.
  • Unleash the powerful Dark Side to mow down the competition and show ’em who’s boss!
  • Master a unique combat system that’s easy as pie to pick up, but deeper than a deep-dish pizza.

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