Ninja Issen

Release Dates
(PC) Worldwide
Nov 23 2023
(Switch) Worldwide
Japanese Title

Ninja Issen is an action adventure game developed by Asteroid-J and published by CFK.


Ninja Issen is a retro-style ninja platformer that features a variety of hyper action, one-versus-many battles, and dynamic boss fights. Paying homage to the ninja games of the classic 8 to 16 bit eras, Ninja Issen is full of ninjas, robots, neon lights, and dark atmosphere that overwhelms the streets of the future metropolis.

You will play as Kiba, a rogue ninja who was falsely accused of assassinating the grand master of his clan. In his desperate fight to escape from other ninjas trying to avenge his crime, Kiba suddenly finds himself in the middle of the world he has never seen.

The Game

In Ninja Issen, you will always encounter one-versus-many battles in which you must use everything to survive. The enemies come in many types and designs, large in number and ready to strike wherever you go.

Fortunately, Kiba is a seasoned and skillful ninja who can overcome dangers ahead of him. Use Kiba’s weapons and abilities to cut down rushing enemies, and explore the future metropolis.

  • Katana – Kiba’s main weapon which is highly effective in close combat.
  • Shuriken – Used for long-range attack and to deflect enemy projectile.
  • Teleport – Kiba can teleport by throwing his katana to the spot he wishes to reach. Use it to jump between high structures and pass through traps like a pro ninja.

Combine Kiba’s weapons and skills to make your own ninja fighting style.

Boss Battles

Each stage will have a boss that features unique patterns and gimmicks. As Kiba, you will need to find out how to withstand their threatening attacks, and achieve victory in the end.

Sometimes the battle moves on to Phase 2 when the boss’ HP reaches below a certain point. In Phase 2, the boss will show new and fiercer attack patterns. Destroying parts may also change the pattern of the boss.

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