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Netcode Warriors is a fighting video game developed and published by Son Studios.


⁤Dive into the datascape of Netcode Warriors, an anime-style arena fighter designed from the ground up to take competitive play to its limits. Engage in intense one-on-one fights, master unique characters and playstyles, then take your skills to the arena. ⁤


Immerse yourself in the story of Netcode Warriors, where our characters discover a new world that has the potential to change their lives, but they’re not the only ones around, and they’ll have to fight to achieve their dreams and survive.

Online Play

Take your skills online and prove YOU are the best! Play the game in various online modes climb the ranks and assert your skill, play casual matches with people from all over the world, and invite your friends to play with custom lobbies that include a spectator mode.

Other Modes

Hone your skills in training mode, run through the arcade ladder or play split screen with a friend locally. You can also throw down the gauntlet in the local tournament mode, battle for survival and do some combo challenges.

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