Release Dates
(Switch) Japan
Dec 12 2019
(PC) Worldwide
Dec 19 2023
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MOCHI A GIRL is a side-scrolling platformer video game developed by mumimumi and published by Mediascape.


Use just one button to jump, dash, swing, dive through water, blast from cannons, and lots more in this simple platformer perfect for speedrunning!

Easy controls! Exhilarating and springy wire action!

  • A to Jump, A to Mochi Toss, A to Dash, and A to Swing – Every action can be performed with only the A button and left analog stick. This is a 2D wire action game that anyone can enjoy.
  • Various Exhilarating Stage Mechanics – From water you can swim in at high speed, cannons you can shoot out of, and poles you can hang from to jump high, this game is full of exhilarating stage mechanics.
  • Lenient Game Balance – Since you will not die if you run into an enemy, nor get a game over no matter how many times you fall from the stage, this is a casual game that even beginners can enjoy.
  • Tons of Cute Characters
    • Yuki – The mirror mochi-esque girl protagonist.
    • Mugi – The rival New Year’s udon.
    • Marumochi-maru – An awfully big little chick.
    • Nasa-maru No. 4 – An armed moon.
    • And more!
  • Boss Battles – In battles against difficult bosses, use strategies like firing missiles and ramming the enemy from behind.
  • Collect Sushi – Complete your collection of 63 types of strange sushi. From “tuna” to “hamachi,” “egg,” “tekkamaki,” and “chocolate cake,” everything is here!
  • 60 Stages – From easy stages to difficult stages, there are 30 diverse main stages such as “Bamboo Thicket,” “Snow Field,” “Sea Coast,” and “Wooden House,” as well as additional 30 Time Attack Mode stages for a total of 60 stages.
  • Award Winner at Various Events
    • Best Game Art Award at Kamon Kokusai Anime-Manga Festival Game Contest
    • Grand Champion of Unity Inter High 2018
    • Gold Prize at Japan Game Awards U18 Division 2018