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Jun 5 2021
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Mighty Goose is a side-scrolling action video game developed by Blastmode and MP2 Games, and published by PLAYISM.


In this epic action shooter, Mighty Goose brings the fight to the Void King, the evil monarch ruling the galaxy with his army of minions and mechanized monsters. Face all kinds of dangers as you traverse the galaxy. But this is the legendary Mighty Goose we’re talking about here, no danger is too dangerous.

At its core, Mighty Goose is a tight scrolling run and gun shooter in the vein of classics like Metal Slug and Contra. It will test your skill, timing, reflexes. Building upon that solid arcade base, the game adds a ton of crazy weapons, warmachines, upgrades and secrets.

Co-op Mode for You and Your Buddy

Take on the Void King together with your buddy, conquer the galaxy as Mighty Goose and its loyal companion in local multiplayer mode.


  • Regular Duck – Your trusty sidekick, a normal regular duck. Offers constant companionship and not much more.
  • Commander Vark – A brilliant engineer capable of crafting every weapon imaginable. Less than helpful in battle but offers a non-stop supply of machinegun ammo.

Key Features

  • Fast-paced run-and-gun experience with tight controls.
  • Battle against screen-filling bosses that will test your skill, timing, and dodging.
  • Customize your playing style using a combination of upgrade chips, secondary weapons and assist characters.
  • Pilot devastating war-machine vehicles to decimate large groups of enemies.
  • Beautifully crafted vibrant pixel art worlds, vehicles, and characters.
  • An amazing soundtrack composed by Dominic Ninmark (Moonrider, Blazing Chrome, Gravity Circuit) featuring crunchy synth-rock and funky-jazz fusion melodies.

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