Mercenaries Saga 3: Gray Wolves of War

Release Dates
(au) Japan
Oct 20 2011
(docomo) Japan
Oct 26 2011
(Softbank Yahoo! Keitai) Japan
Nov 4 2011
(iOS, Android) Japan
Apr 23 2014
(3DS) Japan
Oct 5 2016
(3DS) North America
Dec 15 2016
(3DS) Europe
Dec 1 2017
(Switch) Japan
Jan 18 2018
(Switch) Worldwide
Feb 8 2018
(PC) Worldwide
Oct 12 2023
Japanese Title
マーセナリーズサーガ3 キリアロスの灰狼

Mercenaries Saga 3: Gray Wolves of War is a strategy role-playing video game developed and published by RideonJapan. The Switch version is published by CIRCLE Entertainment in the west. The PC version is published by Flyhigh Works and co-developed by Esquadra.


Mercenaries Saga 3: Gray Wolves of War is a tactical simulation RPG set in a fantasy background. It is the third game in the Mercenaries Saga series.


Long ago there were two continents, split into north and south by a large ocean. These two continents under went vastly different development.

In the north continent, the Flare Kingdom, with their advanced industry and powerful military background, expanded their sphere of influence. They annexed neighboring states until the entire north continent was under their control.

On the other hand, the tribes of the Kirialos country in the southern continent were at constant war over their plentiful resources. Having achieved domination of their own continent, the Flare Kingdom set their sights on Kirialos’s resources.

The Flare Kingdom intervened in the wars on the south continent in the name of peacekeeping, but took complete control in the blink of an eye.

The Flare Kingdom set up a puppet government in Kirialos, whilst syphoning the wealth obtained from its resources back to their own continent.

That’s when the “Liberation Army” appeared—it’s sights set on overthrowing the Kingdom and its puppet government.

To deal with this uprising, the Kingdom set up a local ministry of war. The name of the Kingdom’s foreign campaign regiment was “Coronea”—.

The mercenaries who joined this unit, be it for money, fame or honor, became known as the “Kingdom’s Dogs.”

This is the story of the smallest, most insignificant mercenary company among them, dubbed the “Kingdom’s Dogs”: The Gray Wolves mercenaries.

Key Features

  • Command your units on a quarter-view battle map and bring them to victory!
  • Unit positions will affect Action results in battle. Whether your units are positioned in the, front, back, or side of the enemy, and whether they are on higher ground compared to the target are all taken into factor how effective their actions will be.
  • Spend Skill Points (SP) to change character classes! By leveling up your character, they will be able to unlock Intermediate and Advanced job classes. Each class has its own set of skills you can learn. Special classes can only be unlocked by using certain items. Build your own balanced team!
  • Spend SP to learn new skills! Depending on the class you choose, your characters will be able to learn skills that can heal or buff allies, and debuff or inflict status abnormalities to your enemies.
  • Characters that use magic can “Summon” sprites and golems. These special unitscan be commanded like any other unit in your team. Make the most of them!
  • Characters have “Aggro” levels which make them susceptible to enemy attacks. TThese levels will rise whenever they make an action like dealing the finishing blow, or healing allies. Some skills purposely raise Aggro levels or summon units with high Aggro levels. Expand your tactics by utilizing Aggro in your strategy.
  • The extra difficult “EX Stages” are sure to satisfy even the most skilled strategy experts.

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