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Luna Abyss is a first-person shooter developed and published by Bonsai Collective.


Luna Abyss is a narrative-driven, first-person action-adventure game. Discover a vast, derelict colony; deep within the belly of an ominous mimic moon. Fight twisted cosmic horrors in intense, fast-paced, bullet-hell combat.

You are a prisoner sentenced to explore a derelict megastructure that sprawls deep beneath the surface of the mimic moon Luna. You are tasked with recovering forgotten technology from within the Abyss and the lost colony it consumed. Every move you make will be overseen by your artificial prison guard named Aylin.

These centuries-old ruins are alive with maddening echoes, insinuating secrets of the once prosperous city of Greymont and its terrible fate. The Scourge. The tenets of the All-Father. The choir of the Collective. The voices of the Abyss call to you; they whisper strange missives…

Key Features

  • Welcome to the Abyss – “Don’t be afraid, little wanderer. You need only go deeper, the better to be seen by us. The slumbering silent one breathes deep and waits. All we need is the key. All we need is you.”
  • Buried Mystery – Uncover the mysteries of the mimic moon, and the abyss within its depths. Come face to face with remnants of the colony’s downfall and discover your role within this doomed world. Learn all the secrets the abyss has to offer.
  • Navigate Forsaken Chasms – Sprint, jump, and dash your way through this brutalist alien megastructure. Experience fluid first-person platforming as you travel through Luna and the depths of the abyss.
  • Bullet-Hell Combat – Survive deadly encounters with corrupted souls and twisted cosmic horrors. Master your weapons and make split-second decisions in fast-paced, explosive, bullet-hell combat.

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  • August 17, 2022

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