Lover Pretend

Release Dates
Mar 25 2021
Dec 1 2022
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Lover Pretend is an otome visual novel developed by Design Factory, and published by Idea Factory in Japan and Aksys Games in the west.


Chiyuki lives alone, spending all her time studying for university and doing part-time work.

She has two dreams in life: One is to become a scriptwriter—also a dream of her late mother—and the other is to find her father whom she never met.

From leftover clues, it seems her mother was writing a drama script before she was born.

Chiyuki lands a job as a scriptwriter assistant for a film that the sons of the drama staff are making.

She searches for information while working her new job, but in a twist of events ends up cast in the role of their love interest…?

This is a pretend love role, not true love. Can Chiyuki create a script about fake lovers, while not knowing anything about falling in love herself?

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