Little Goody Two Shoes

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    Little Goody Two Shoes is a horror role-playing video game developed by AstralShift and published by Square Enix Collective.


    Set in the mysterious Kieferberg Village, Little Goody Two Shoes is a homage to the original PlayStation and early PlayStation 2 RPGs and is centered around Elise, an ambitious girl determined to become rich and escape her humble life.

    Players will step into Elise’s shoes and soon find themselves immersed in a 90s inspired horror role-playing adventure game. Gameplay elements such as “Sustenance,” “Reputation & Suspicion,” and “Exploration & Narrative” will guide players to complete their daily tasks by day and uncover the woodland’s darkest secrets by night.

    Players will also have the ability to set their own paths to navigate through the wicked woods, solve puzzles and build meaningful relationships in this nostalgic gaming experience.

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    • August 17, 2022