Release Dates
Early Access
Nov 17 2022
Korean Title

LAPIN is a side-scrolling platformer video game developed and published by Studio Doodal.


An adventure of brave rabbits! The story of LAPIN begins in a park where people abandon their pet rabbits.

Underneath this park live five rabbits in a hole. They survive by stealing hay from the rabbit feeder on the ground to their burrow called Alfa. However, when construction begins at the park, they are forced to leave their beloved hole and venture into the unknown to find a new home.
Liebe, a white rabbit, goes on an adventure with Captain, Bianca, Jose, and Montblanc.

Help the five abandoned rabbits overcome obstacles and find a new home with precise control and speedy action.

Key Features

  • PlatformingLAPIN is a 2D platformer in which players must overcome obstacles with precise control and speedy action. Take advantage of various terrains to reach the end of the map.
  • CharactersLAPIN features five rabbits. Enjoy the episodes of these five rabbits with different personalities.
  • Liebe’s Notes – Players can check the collectibles from Liebe’s Notes at a glance. Collectibles include maps with destinations marked, information of other rabbits, photocards, seeds, and items.
  • Seeds – Players can acquire a variety of seeds while platforming. These seeds can be planted and when they grow, they yield flowers. The seeds are traces of former rabbit expedition members. It’s okay to just pass them, but it would be wise to read their story left on the flower. Acquired seeds are added to the Liebe’s Notes.
  • Unlock Photocards – Players can increase the likeability of individual rabbits by talking to them. Talk to them and unlock photocards. Players can relive the memories with photocards. (In the Early Access version, can get one photo card episode through interaction with Captain.)
  • Interaction – Players can interact with many things in Alfa, their home, and will find many other objects to interact with while platforming. Players can read the records left by Jorge, the leader of the legendary rabbit expedition, from Jorge’s Statues.

LAPIN Trailers