KOI Remake

Dotoyou Games
Release Dates
(Android) Worldwide
Jul 23 2022

KOI Remake is an adventure video game developed by Dotoyou Games and published by XD.


Koi Remake presents a healing and mesmerizing adventure from the perspective of a little koi fish, who travels all the way upstream and finally arrives at the dreamlike Starry Night Lake against all odds. Solving the puzzles, collecting the fragments of memories, and uncovering the hidden past of the little koi… Beneath the enchanting waters of the lotus pond, are you ready to follow the lead of the koi and embark on a refreshing journey for inner peace?

Key Features

  • Polished Graphics – With exquisite Chinese-style illustrations and 3D remodeling, KOI Remake presents you with a refreshing and immersive gameplay in a more vivid world.
  • Diverse Sceneries – From the tranquil lotus pond to the swift stream, from the murky sewage maze to the dreamlike Starry Night Lake… There’s always more to discover in your next exploration!
  • Gravity Sensing System – The brand new interactive system allows you to feel the motion of the blooming flowers and the flowing stream by slightly rotating your devices.
  • Intriguing Puzzles – Dead branches that block your way, lurking geckos hidden in the dark, scattered petals waiting to be picked up… Use your wit to solve the ingenious puzzles!
  • Thrilling Adventure – Keep away from the brutal black fish, swim through the unquiet waters and avoid the naked wires… Brave the danger along the way to uncover the hidden truth and reach the final destination!
  • Spiritual Journey – Collect the fragments of memories scattered everywhere to have a glimpse of the hidden past. Take on this introspective spiritual journey to find the perfect balance between man and nature, and feel for yourself the importance of environmental protection.

KOI Remake Trailers