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Jun 1 2023
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Killer Frequency is a horror adventure video game developed and published by Team17.


“We’re now in the midnight hour and you’re listening to 189.16, The Scream…”

It’s a late night at KFAM radio station in Gallows Creek, mid-west USA. You can feel something’s in the air. You’ve just started your shift and someone calls in with a horrifying discovery. The next turn of events will be life-changing…

Key Features

  • Unique Comedy Horror ‘Radio Host’ Experience – Become a radio DJ in this 80s slasher shredded adventure that’s certainly not child’s play. As summer turns to fall and the countdown to Halloween continues, will this be a silent night, deadly night? Or will the airwaves scream?
  • Real-Time Decisions and Puzzle Solving – Use branching dialogues to interact with a variety of eccentric small-town personalities including potential victims and suspects. Explore your surroundings, gather clues, make decisions, solve satisfying riddles, and help each of your callers to survive the night.
  • Fully Voice-Acted Story and Retro Soundtrack – Enjoy a fully voiced cast of characters, while tuning into a bevy of 1980s music, from classic rock inspired tracks to righteous synthwave tunes.
  • Genuine 1980s Aesthetic – Explore over 1 km² of an authentically detailed radio station and interact with dozens of physics-based objects straight from a bygone era, including a working cassette and record player.

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