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Guns Undarkness is a stealth role-playing video game developed by MegaRock and published by Kodansha.


Guns Undarkness is a “stealth RPG” that combines typical stealth game features such as remaining undetected and invading antagonist’s territory, with the traditional command type Japanese RPG. The gameplay is roughly divided into two parts: a stealth part that hides on the field and a battle part that is developed by a turn-based command-type battle system. Encountering without being found by the enemy allows you to enter the battle in an advantageous manner. Aim for the depths of the antagonist’s territory while managing your resources well.

The main weapons of the protagonists are firearms such as hand guns and assault rifles. By defeating enemies and obtaining materials, you can customize the equipped gun more powerfully.


The story takes place in the year 2045, in a devastated world after a nuclear war, where you become a member of a PMC (Private Military Company) and carry out missions with your peers. Amid fierce battles, the protagonists realize the “true love” that will lead humanity to a higher level of existence.


The game was designed, composed and developed by Shoji Meguro, a legendary game designer who worked as a composer and director for the Persona series and the Shin Megami Tensei series. The lyrics of songs are written by Lotus Juice, also from the Persona series. And Ilya Kuvshinov, an up-and-coming Russian illustrator known for his work on Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045, will create characters that give color to the game world.

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