Ground Divers!

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Jun 30 2022
Japanese Title
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Ground Divers! is a mining action video game developed by Studio Tsuruhashi and published by Arc System Works.


Ground Divers! is an excavation action puzzle game. Players will guide the clumsy robot Tsuruhashi as he struggles to stay awake to defeat the enemies lurking around every corner, while also searching for rare matter slumbering deep underground in this strategic roguelike game like no other!

Ground Divers! is also brought to fans by a star-studded team featuring a theme song by anime music legend Hironobu Kageyama, design of Tsuruhashi and character design supervision by accomplished mecha designer Shigeto Koyama, and character designs by manga artist Kakeru Kakemaru.


The story takes place on a planet in a distant solar system struggling with depleting energy sources. Their savior arrives in the form of a tool known as “Tsuruhashi.” After resolving the issue by unearthing “rare matter” from deep underground, Tsuruhashi vanishes. Without their savior around, people create “mining frames” to explore the underground. The teams who use mining frames to excavate the underground are known as Ground Divers. Take your role as a member of one such team, Studio Tsuruhashi, and pilot the mining frame “Tsuruhashi,” which operates using energy from “Cheer Crystals.” These mysterious crystals convert support into a power source for the mining frame. Your journey begins as you dig deep down beneath the ground to uncover the secret of these crystals and find rare matter.

Key Features

  • Guide Tsuruhashi to the deepest depths and get the Rare Matter!
  • The enemy has you in their sights! You can’t just dig to protect yourself!
  • Build and modify Pit relay stations! Dig strategically!
  • Pits have lots of useful functions! How will you use them?
  • CHEER Energy drives Tsuruhashi!
  • Smart usage of energy is the key to success!
  • Gather CHEER and unleash your powerful special attack!
  • Upgrade Tsuruhashi using materials obtained from mining!
  • Liven up your home base!


  • Theme Song: Hironobu Kageyama
  • Mecha Design: Shigeto Koyama
  • Character Design: Kakeru Kakemaru

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