Release Dates
(PC) Worldwide
Jun 9 2023
(PS5, Xbox Series) Worldwide
Jun 13 2023
(PS4, Xbox One) Worldwide
Oct 20 2023

Greyhill Incident is a survival horror video game developed and published by Refugium Games. The console versions are published by Perp Games.


Greyhill Incident is a story-driven survival horror game that takes place during the early 90s. As Ryan Baker, equipped with a baseball bat and a few bullets in his trusty revolver, the story takes you across the atmospheric neighborhood of Greyhill, which is invaded by UFOs and Grey Aliens.

Key Features

  • Experience a Classic Alien Invasion Story – The recent increase paranormal activities over the last few days have convinced the scared and now paranoid residents of Greyhill, that the Aliens are amongst them. They trust no one. The small neighborhood of Greyhill is afraid to speak up and fearing being sent to the psychiatric ward, they avoid calling the police. Alone, they prepare by boarding up their windows and start a neighborhood watch.
  • Get Across the Neighborhood – Ryan Baker attempts cross the neighborhood of Greyhill to save a neighbor who is in serious trouble. Find useful items, solve puzzles, and meet other humans as you fight to survive the invasion and guide Ryan through the neighborhood.
  • Investigate and Uncover the Truth – Sneak through the open areas of Greyhill. Investigate houses and barns and search for ammo while you work up your way through the village and uncover the Alien Conspiracy.
  • Beware of the Greys – “They” are a constant threat as they try to abduct people from the village village, take samples of everything, and experiment on and probe people. Sneak, run, or fight to get through Greyhill and beware of “The Greys.”

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