Release Dates
(Mega Drive) Japan
Jul 17 1992
(Wii) Japan
Feb 26 2008
(Wii) Europe
May 16 2008
(Wii) North America
Jul 21 2008
(PC) Japan
Jul 12 2016
(PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, Switch) Worldwide
Oct 15 2021
Japanese Title
グレイ ランサー
Official Website

Greylancer is a shoot ’em up developed and published by Masaya Games. The 2021-released version is developed by Shinyuden and published by Ratalaika Games.


Originally released in 1992, Greylancer was exclusive to the Sega Mega Drive, released only in Japan and then made an appearance worldwide on the Wii Console in 2008. With continued retro fans and community requests for its appearance on current consoles, its port, with enhancements, which include new accessibility features, translations for the cutscenes has now been completed ready for its release.

Billed as a no nonsense, single player, horizontally scrolling shooter, this is a must have for your collection.


The story follows Lucia, a 16-year-old star fighter pilot in the Earth Federation. A war breaks out between humans and an unknown alien race in the year 2025. Lucia’s father, Ken, a high-ranking admiral in the Federation Navy, is captured after his ship is warped out of the combat zone with four alien modules which have the ability of teleportation. Lucia, heart-broken after hearing her father’s disappearance, decides to hijack the prototype fighter CSH-01-XA “GleyLancer” with the help of her friend Teim and go after her father.

Key Features

  • Improved modes available with accessibility features and modern controls.
  • Classic and deep space shoot ’em up gameplay.
  • Epic space opera with anime cutscenes.
  • Option to customize the ship’s attacking power.
  • Iconic retro console graphics and sound.
  • Legacy 16-bit title from the 1990s!

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