Gangs of Sherwood

Release Dates
Nov 2 2023

Gangs of Sherwood is a cooperative action video game developed by Appeal Studios and published by Nacon.


Gangs of Sherwood is a cooperative action game for one to four players set in the reimagined world of Robin Hood.

Through the powers of the Philosopher’s Stones, the armies of the Sheriff of Nottingham are now stronger than ever, and the people of England have never been so oppressed…

Key Features

  • Lead the Rebellion – Play as Robin, Marian, Friar Tuck or Little John, four heroes with unique, fully customizable gameplay styles, and set out in search of riches to plunder so you can give them to the poor. From Sherwood Forest to the Sheriff’s flying castle, the way forward is blocked by hordes of enemies. Combine the different heroes’ combat styles to foil the tyrant’s plans and fight performance-enhanced soldiers, formidable war machines and terrifying bosses that you meet as you advance.
  • Rob the Rich to Give to the Poor… and to Equip Yourself! – Improve your reputation by saving innocent lives and giving your loot to the people in order to unlock new upgrades and even more devastating combos. Spend your remaining gold with merchants to upgrade your equipment and customize your skills to match your combat style.
  • Cooperative Action for Up to Four Players – Land more and more impressive combos and cooperate with the other members of your team to achieve ultra-satisfying combos. Meet up with your friends in your hideout and determine the best strategy to adopt before setting off on missions, then put it to the test on the field of battle.

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