Food Girls 2: Civil War

Release Dates
(PC) Worldwide
Dec 13 2019
(Switch) Japan
Apr 28 2022
Chinese Title
Japanese Title
食用系少女 2 美食内戦

Food Girls 2: Civil War is a visual novel / simulation video game developed and published by SimonCreative. The Switch version is published by Justdan International.


A popularity voting bet based on your dignity! Win or leave the Street Market!

The second major game in the cuisine personification simulation series. A popularity war that we fight without holding anything back!


In the street market, the business is getting better and better. Yet, all the food spirits are facing an unprecedented challenge.

The old Ice and Fruit Punch Shop needs renovation which will be costly. What’s even worse, Long’er got into a fight with the Beef Noodles Twins by accident.

Both sides challenge each other on the popularity voting, held in two months, with their shop and reputation.

Just when you are about to roll up your sleeves and show what you are capable of, you are entrusted with a new offer—from the Beef Noodles Twins!

Two choices are presented to you, and you can sense that a storm is brewing!

Key Features

  • Voiced by famous Japanese voice actors.
    • Steamed Dumplings – Long’er (voiced by Ai Nonaka)
    • Mango Ice – Coco (voiced by Satomi Satou)
    • Braised Beef Noodles – Hong (voiced by Mai Kadowaki)
    • Beef Noodle Consomme – Ching (voiced by Kaori Nazuka)
  • Exquisitely drawn by well-known illustrators with over 30 CGs.
  • You can choose to side with either party and decide the story.
  • A brand new system for side jobs, enabling you to invest in the future and to beat the opponents!

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