Divine Knockout is a multiplayer third-person action video game developed by Red Beard Games and published by Hi-Rez Studios.


Welcome to Divine Knockout. A world of mythological multiplayer mayhem!

Divine Knockout is a brand new, fast-paced, brawler set in a stylized world of gods and mythology. Divine Knockout combines physics-based combat, a vibrant roster of deities and third-person combat that puts you right in the heart of the action!

Key Features

  • Intense Action – Damage your enemies to make them more vulnerable to physics, then knock them out of the arena! Combat inspired by 2D platform fighters but from a third-person perspective that puts you right into the heart of the action
  • Bombastic Abilities – No confusing button combos, unleash devastating abilities at a push of a button. Hurl boulders as Hercules, unleash the might of Excalibur and wield Mjolnir with ease. Juggle foes, don’t struggle with controls!
  • Evolving Battlegrounds – Each arena features a unique mechanic that players must master to win. Some will crumble over time, while others include deadly traps to avoid… or knock your foes into!
  • A Twist on the SMITE Universe – Experience a world of mythology like never before! The gods and goddesses of history are reimagined as stylized, expressive combatants placed into a vibrant and dangerous world

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