Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal is an action role-playing video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment in cooperation with NetEase Games.


Diablo Immortal is a full-fledged Blizzard quality mobile massively multiplayer online action RPG Diablo experience that you can take with you anywhere. It features gorgeous visuals, persistent online play, new environments, Legendary loot and the quintessential Diablo combat players want. Diablo Immortal is a AAA, high-fidelity, full-featured, and uncompromising demon-slaying experience that you can play alone or with others.

Key Features

  • Battle Against Hellspawn as the Demon Hunter – Enjoy quintessential Demon Hunter gameplay as you get to experience this iconic class—for the first time in Diablo Immortal. Unleash Hatred on hordes of demons, Strafe your enemies while outmaneuvering them, bound over and through enemies with Daring Swing, and shower the battlefield with Rain of Vengeance.
  • Discover Familiar and Brand-New Locations and Events in Sanctuary – The adventure of Diablo Immortal starts in the small town of Wortham, a cozy location first seen in Diablo III. After arriving on the nearby the docks, heroes will journey through a corrupted forest to the town center where their adventure begins. Near the birthplace of Queen Asylla, Ashwold Cemetery is where her remains were interred after her death at the hands of her maddened husband, King Leoric.
  • Unique Ultimate Abilities for Each Class – Players can now unleash powerful Ultimate Abilities for each class as they combat hordes of demons. Ultimate Abilities are based on and charged by the Basic attacks of each class. Players will need to be strategic and savvy when in the heat of battle; decide when and where you need an extra burst of power to take down powerful bosses or big swarms of enemies.
    • Barbarian – Blood and Fury: Empowers the Lacerate ability by increasing its attack range, repelling enemies, and providing reinvigorating life steal with each hit.
    • Demon Hunter – Bullet Rain: Empowers the Crossbow Shot ability by allowing it to hit multiple enemies with each attack and increasing your movement speed.
    • Monk – Lightning Flux: Empowers the Fists of Thunder ability by allowing you to teleport to new targets and generating a thunderstorm whenever an enemy is defeated.
    • Wizard – Full Power: Empowers the Electrocute ability by increasing the number of targets the electricity can bounce to and allowing you to continue movement while attacking.
  • Collect Powerful Legendaries to Command Unique Abilities – New Legendary items carry the potential to completely reimagine the powerful skills your character has at their disposal. Change how a skill targets enemies, channel new elemental energy types, or even add entirely new effects through an astonishing array of awesome armaments.
  • Armed to the Teeth with a Full Array of Features Diablo Immortal comes fully loaded with a robust list of features including Guilds, Greater Rifts, Multiplayer Dungeons, brand new zones, an updated Paragon system, in-depth inventory management, character skill selection, and more! There are many hours of dungeon crawling, demon slaying, and loot hoarding to be had.

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