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Demolition Robots K.K. is a robot action video game developed by Throw the warped code out and published by Head-High.


A giant-robot action game for up to four players, where you earn money not by fighting each other, but by destroying buildings; the fastest and most destructive player wins. Demolition Robots K.K. also includes an interactive streaming feature where Twitch viewers can participate by overlay user interface (not comment) to throw items into the game than can impede players.

Demolition Robots K.K. is four-player arcade action game. Built with Unity, the game puts four players in the roles of destructive robots tasked with leveling a city building by building. It will also be the first couch multiplayer game to feature interactive live streaming on Twitch, with stream viewers representing the citizens of the city the robots are bent on destroying.

Players earn points based on the buildings they destroy while racing to complete each level. Using Genvid’s interactive livestreaming tech, Demolition Robots K.K. will place stream viewers in the roles of individual residents of the buildings under attack, and also allow Twitch viewers to root for and directly troll the actual players by targeting their robots with traps and the like. Players and Twitch viewers react to the unique player-viewer dynamic in DRKK, with viewers effectively increasing the chaos factor in proportion to the live stream audience size.

The game and interactive stream to be consumed by many layers of people, not just played directly with controllers. Viewers can simply watch, or watch and cheer, or have a deeper, more immersive role if they prefer. Frequent viewers may even cultivate reputations among the player base—either as helpful supporters or lively trolls, depending on their actions.

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