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DECAPOLICE is a video game developed and published by LEVEL-5.


A mysterious detective story with investigations in a virtual world.

DECAPOLICE is a crime-suspense RPG from Level-5, developers of the Layton series.

The main character, a rookie detective named Harvard, hunts down criminals in a huge open-world crime-ridden city, travelling back and forth between physical and virtual reality.

Look forward to a mysterious detective story with investigations in virtual space.


DECASIM, a virtual world created from a perfect copy of reality. More than just a simulation, it’s a complete copy of a real city, a forbidden place where memories of every past crime lie dormant. “Clues” found in DECASIM can help unravel the riddles of the real world.

Collect All the Evidence to Uncover the Truth

With the help of “DECASIM,” which can reproduce any event occuring in the city, you can find clues to solve cases in the real world. Clip the collected evidence to the “Case Board” and find the solution to crack the case.

Force May be Required to Arrest Culprits

When confronting a cornered criminal, it can be possible to appeal to their heart and make them surrender. Sometimes, however, they will turn into “Crime Beasts”, embodiments of malice, and attack. Make use of futuristic gimmicks to incapacitate and arrest them.


  • Harvard Marks – The protagonist and leader of the Special Investigations Unit’s rookie team. A certain incident sparked an outright obsession in him to arrest criminals. Harvard is a prodigy, graduating from Broadstone Police College at the age of 20, but will sometimes break the rules with his overzealous style of leadership and energy… With excellent intuition and exceptional creativity, he outsmarts any evildoers.
  • Carl Oxford – A negotiation specialist and member of the Special Investigations Unit’s rookie team. Carl has been friends with Harvard since their police college days. Despite his sheltered upbringing, he is straightforward and honest. Although he can come across as bland sometimes, his desire to become a first-class detective is genuine.
  • Zhang Tsinghua – Another member of the Special Investigations Unit’s rookie team and self-proclaimed “hacker of justice.” The computer expert of the group. The electric lock he cannot crack has not yet been invented.
  • Manimani Manoa – Profiling major and member of the Special Investigations Unit’s rookie team. Manimani is well versed in the psychology of criminals, and shows psychic-like proficiency when it comes to profiling. She has a peculiar way of thinking and a unique eye for observation.
  • Mikey Princeton – The martial arts expert among the Special Investigations Unit’s rookie team’s members. His extraordinary dynamic visual acuity has helped the kind-hearted Mikey to master all sorts of martial arts. Despite his expertise, he actually has a gentle personality and hates hurting others.
  • Granger Boston – The Chief of the Special Investigations Unit. A seasoned detective who is in charge of training new recruits. He has a rough and blunt personality, but passionately cares about his subordinates.
  • Misae Cambridge – Misae is the rookie team’s instructor. She is an elite police officer with a sharp mind, who is well versed in all detective skills. A little too particular about going by the book, she also has a headstrong side.


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