Deadlink is a roguelite first-person shooter developed by Gruby Entertainment and published by


Deadlink is a cyberpunk first-person shooter with roguelite elements. You are the first operative to become part of the experimental Deadlink protocol. Control an autonomous combat shell, fighting through cramped slums, twisted labs, grimy warehouses and sleek offices on a mission to subvert the plans of the most powerful corporations in the world. Wield an arsenal of weapons and upgrade both your skills and your tech. Leave a mark in the destructible environment and the corporate margins alike.

Key Features

  • Be Part of an Elite Organization – You are the Corporate Security Agency’s greatest weapon and the reason corporations and their shady deals are anything but secure. With the team at headquarters at your back, you are launched into the fray where a plausibly deniable military operation solves things at the fraction of a cost of a hopeless court case.
  • Think Fast, Shoot Faster – One thing you’ll know about every randomized run in the game is that you will be outnumbered. Get ready to think on your feet as you dash, jump and use the environment to your advantage. You won’t be standing still even for a second.
  • Kill in Style – Powerful weapon loadouts are put in the hands of your combat shell. Try them all as you blaze your path of destruction. Precision, debilitation or good old obscene destruction – find your favorite toolkit for the job.
  • Skill Up Your Brain, Augment Your Brawn – Your enemies have no shortage of bullets and bodies to throw your way. Neither do you. You may lose a shell, but your next one will be even stronger. Come back to each run with amped up skills and meaner chrome!

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  • December 16, 2021

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