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Coneru: Dimension Girl is a side-scrolling action platformer video game developed by HIKE and Eallin Japan, and published by HIKE.


Embark on a 2D action date with the dimension-girl, Coneru! This time, your date plan is to fend off the mysterious alien group “Hateful Fruit Company” invading Shinjuku City!

Two-Hearted “2D Action Date”

Socrates, the combat android that serves as the player’s avatar, unexpectedly ends up sharing his body with the dimension girl, Subspace Coneru…!?

Socrates (You) + Coneru = Conerates (Player)

They are literally a two-hearted entity. During the game, you are inseparably “kneaded” together with Coneru! Run, fly, punch, kick, laugh, cry, and occasionally loaf around… Together, you’ll embark on a delightful adventure to liberate Shinjuku City, invaded by a mysterious alien group. This is a 2D action—“date!”

Who is Coneru?

Her full name is Subspace Coneru! She is a high-dimensional life form that can traverse dimensions by materializing her form. Her hobbies include dimension traveling and collecting Saturn rings. Her twin Saturn hair ornaments are her favorite!

What’s a “2D Action Date”?

The game is a 2D platformer. Your task is to run freely around the stage and defeat enemies to liberate Shinjuku City. However, you’re not the only one inhabiting your body; Coneru is with you. Her influence on you will be beyond your imagination.

Her mood may change your attack methods, finding comics may inspire new skills, and eating sweets could skyrocket her mood, power, and speed. Yet, you may also find yourselves pausing to appreciate small wonders in the city or simply petting a cat. You’ll experience various adventures “together with Coneru.”

This 2D action game, where consciousness and emotions transcend dimensions to mix and burn, will become an unforgettable “2D action date” for both you and Coneru!

This Date Plan: Repel the “Hateful Fruit Company”!

This group suddenly appeared in Shinjuku City. Oddly cheerful, their persistent minor acts of violence continue to plague the city. Why? What are they trying to accomplish? That remains a mystery!

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