Release Dates
(Xbox One, Switch, PC) Worldwide
Dec 15 2020
(PS5, PS4) Worldwide
Nov 28 2023

Calico is a simulation video game developed by Peachy Keen Games and published by Whitethorn Games.


Create the cat cafe of your dreams with a variety of ways to decorate, new animals to befriend, and delicious dishes to serve patrons! Beyond the cat cafe, explore a whimsical open world, express yourself by customizing your avatar with collectible clothing, and experiment with potions that change the way you interact with your furry companions! Calico offers a cute and cozy escape into a world full of wonder, adorable animals, and more!

Key Features

  • Every Animal is a Friend – You’ll encounter a lot of animals on the island. Befriend them, name them, add them to your party, send them to live at the cafe, and most importantly, love them forever! Interact with your new friends by dancing, cuddling, petting, carrying, lounging with, and playing with them!
  • Mouth Watering Sweets – Each recipe comes with its own series of minigames to perform in the kitchen. Shrink down, navigate your way around the kitchen, and serve your patrons tasty pastries for big rewards!
  • Bewitching Good Looks – Express yourself through fashion! Create an avatar and customize them with collectible clothing found throughout the game.
  • Design, Decorate, Delight – Decorate the interior and exterior of the cafe to your liking! Collect and arrange furniture and toys for both your human and animal visitors. Cat trees, scratching posts, and dog beds are definite must-haves!
  • The Power of Magic – The world of Calico has no limits! With the potion system, there are so many ways to live out your magical dreams. Want to make your feline friend ginormous? The Big Small potion has you covered!

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