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Late 2023
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Behemoth is a virtual reality action adventure video game developed and published by Skydance Interactive.


Behemoth is a story-driven, single-player, virtual reality action RPG.

In Behemoth, players will explore the plague-ravished wasteland of a once glorious empire, where its inhabitants are driven mad and cities have fallen to ruin. In glorious virtual reality fashion, players’ bodies and minds will be tested as they combat towering colossal giants called Behemoths. Raw strength won’t be enough, however, as they must use various tools in their arsenal to defeat these gigantic creatures and the other nightmarish enemies that scour this brutal world in their quest for a possible cure.

Key Features

  • Redefined, Brutally Tactile Combat – Players are required to think before attacking as human AI has been leveled up for melee combat where weak points, armor and technique all matter. Strength is key but conserving energy will need to be accounted for as everything has a price in this unforgiving world.
  • A Refinement of Virtual Reality Physics – Traverse the scaling landscape using your hands and/or the grappling hook or use it to rip apart the world around you. Grapple an enemy to gain the tactical advantage or use the surrounding landscape to stealthily eliminate foes.
  • A Stark, New World – A completely new, unforgiving, yet surprisingly beautiful world to explore and survive in. Players will craft, fight, and endure throughout the world of Behemoth.

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  • December 8, 2022

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