Arknights: Endfield

Arknights: Endfield is a strategy / role-playing video game developed by Mountain Contour and published by GRYPHLINE.


Endfield inherits the worldview of Arknights. However, it has its own stories and distinctive characters. The tale of Endfield starts over at a planet called Talos-II, a dangerous place rife with catastrophes and risks. The vast wildlands and uninhabited territories stretched far beyond the colonies of the Habitable Band have yet to be surveyed. As such, players will explore this untamed world with Endfield Industries operators to uncover the mystery hidden within the abandoned ruins.

Endfield features all-new gameplay mechanics and contents. Endfield allows the players to control a party as they explore Talos-II, complete missions, unlock new story chapters, and take on engaging challenges. The player’s team will also meet different factions and enemies as the story progresses seamlessly. These encounters will offer an epic experience of real-time combat with various tactics.

Arknights: Endfield is currently in the early stages of development, and much of the contents have yet to be finalized. The team is still exploring various options in conceptual designs, art, and gameplay.

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  • March 17, 2022

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