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Early 2024
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Arken Age is a virtual reality action adventure video game developed and published by VitruviusVR.


Arken Age is a virtual reality action adventure game set in the Bio-Chasm—a terraformed fantasy world created by the Grand Arborist. Engage in full physics-based combat using Arkenite infused swords and guns—and freely explore the densely filled environments under siege by Hyperion’s neural corruption.

Key Features

  • Physics Combat – Shoot, dismember, and crush enemies in fast paced, full physics combat.
  • Build Virtual Reality Weaponry – Equip yourself with three fully customizable Hyperion weapons and explore the Bio-Chasm to find 30 unique mods.
  • Full Virtual Body – You are a biological alien weapon; built with full locomotion, and the ability to freely jump, climb, and swim.
  • Climbing – Nothing is out of reach with your integrated climbing picks, used to traverse the twisted roots of the Bio-Chasm.
  • Crafting and Refining – Create your own Scarlet Nectar syringes, smelt scrap metal into Hyperion Alloy, and craft custom weaponry.
  • Exploration – The Bio-Chasm is filled with items to collect, unique life forms to befriend, and endless danger at every corner.
  • Story and Characters – Immerse yourself in the culture of the Nara race and uncover the secrets of the Grand Arborist and Celestial Custodian.
  • Epic Boss Fights – Put all your weapons to the test in multi-stage custom virtual reality boss fights.
  • Campaign and Replay – Arken Age has over 10 hours of campaign and includes an endless combat mode for unlimited replayability.

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  • November 21, 2023

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