WiZmans World Re:Try

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    ワイズマンズワールド リトライ
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    WiZmans World Re:Try is a turn-based role-playing video game developed by Lancarse and City Connection, and published by City Connection. It is a remastered version of WiZmans World.


    This is a remaster of Jaleco’s RPG WiZmans World released in 2010 on Nintendo DS, now in HD with a 16:9 screen ratio.

    In order to restore the world, a young amnesic sorcerer goes on an adventure. On his journey, he befriends three homunculus girls. They can change their appearances and their abilities via a training system called “Anima Fusion,” which requires to collect and fuse the souls of the monsters you fight.

    The more you progress in the story, the more the maps change and become lively. As a Japanese RPG, your goal is to fight enemies and find the best strategy with your skills and combo attacks.

    The warm pixel art graphics and the user interface have been remade and new background music has been composed for this new title. Plus, the instrumental unit soLi will be in charge of the main theme. This is a new experience in a beautiful world!

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    • September 12, 2022

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