Release Dates
Early 2025

Winter Burrow is a survival video game developed by Pine Creek Games and published by Noodlecake.


Winter Burrow is a cozy woodland survival game. Explore, gather resources, craft tools, knit warm sweaters, bake pies and meet the locals!

In Winter Burrow, you play a mouse who returns from the big city to find their childhood home in ruins. To make matters worse, your Aunt (who was supposed to be looking after it) has gone missing. Restore your broken-down childhood burrow to its former glory so you can relax in front of the fireplace.

Brave the elements and journey out into the frozen wilderness to collect vital resources for both yourself and your new home. Beware of the insect wildlife and remember that nobody survives on their own; find new friends, expand your survival handbook and solve the mystery of what happened to your Aunt.

Winter Burrow is a survival game you play at your own pace. Customize your character, decorate your burrow and choose a path that fits your play style. This story is yours to tell.

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  • June 9, 2024

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