Wing of the Asteria

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Wing of the Asteria is a Greek mythology-themed side-scrolling shoot ’em up video game developed and published by PiXEL.


Wing of the Asteria features character design and concept art by Shuzilow.HA (Twin Bee series, Gaiapolis, etc.) and music by Kawagen of the Bandai Namco Studios Sound Team (Phelios, Burning Force, etc.).

The game will introduce characters, creatures, scenery, and sounds via an all-new story and unique interpretation in which the player will gallop through the skies with Pegasus.


  • Artemis – Bow wielder and Goddess of the Moon. She is the protagonist of this story. In order to restore the life of her beloved Orion, she sets off on an adventure with her horse Pegasus.
  • Orion – The protagonist Artemis’ beloved. A scheme by Artemis’ older brother Apollo, who disliked their companionship, led to Orion’s death. That was the trigger for a huge disaster in the land of the gods and world of the humans.
  • Griffon (Mid-Boss) – A beast with powerful claws that spits fire from its mouth and blocks Artemis’ path forward. Originally, its main role was to pull Apollo’s chariot, but at the order of Apollo himself, it awaits on the coast with the sirens, the enchantresses of the sea.

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