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Venture to the Vile is a side-scrolling Metroidvania / action adventure video game developed by Cut to Bits and published by Aniplex.


The Vile is taking over, transforming people, elements and everything it touches into something ghastly and unrecognizable…

Immerse yourself in narrative quests while meeting a peculiar and memorable cast of characters while you search for your missing best friend, Ella. Delve into a playfully-sinister world riddled with mystery that unexpectedly evolves based on time of day or weather condition. Gain new abilities to battle vicious enemies. Transform more and more into the monster you’re fighting against as the Vile becomes all consuming.

As you uncover the truth about the Vile and the future becomes uncertain, you’ll have to make a difficult decision– should you embrace the next step in evolution or eradicate it?

Becoming the Monster

Absorbing the Vile gives you more power but at what cost? As you become more of the Vile you’ll endure radical changes, taking on more of its characteristics and becoming increasingly grotesque and powerful.

As you become more and more unrecognizable, you’ll gain striking abilities that enhance your progress in the game and your ability to defeat vicious enemies.

How will this journey change you forever? And can you save the town or will you become the monster you’re fighting against?

Rich Story, Dynamic World, and Peculiar Characters

Immerse yourself in a rich narrative oozing with charm and memorable characters while getting lost in a whimsically dark world. Get to know the many quirky and charismatic NPCS such as the mad scientist, Dr. Crow, Mr. Finch and Mr. Dove the loveably inept crooks, the town gossip, Ernie Sparrow, Batty Badger, the eccentric tailor, and many more.

Explore a dynamic world as the time of day and weather conditions change your gameplay experience– opening up new questions, unexpected upgrades, new monsters, and new narratives to uncover.

Innovative Puzzles

Unlike conventional 2D games where backgrounds simply serve as visuals, in Venture to the Vile you’re invited to explore and uncover any area of the environment you can see and access.

Solve innovative puzzles utilizing your logic skills and navigating the challenging 3D world within 2D spaces. Delve deep into the world around you uncovering the town’s secrets along the way.

Key Features

  • More than 40 peculiar and memorable NPCs to meet along the way.
  • Victorian inspired landscapes and art that transport you back in time.
  • Uncover hidden secrets while solving Innovative and challenging puzzles.
  • Discover a compelling narrative as you make important decisions that will determine your fate forever.
  • A vast variety of skills and abilities to master and level up.
  • A thoughtfully curated and created eerie and ambient soundtrack.

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  • May 9, 2023

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