Touhou Gouyoku Ibun: Sunken Fossil World.

Release Dates
(PC) Japan
Oct 29 2021
(Switch) Worldwide
Oct 20 2022
Japanese Title
東方剛欲異聞 ~ 水没した沈愁地獄
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Touhou Gouyoku Ibun: Sunken Fossil World. is a side-scrolling action video game developed by Twilight Frontier and published by SUNFISH. The Switch version is published by Phoenixx.


Team Shanghai Alice, the creator of the Touhou Project series, has teamed up with Twilight Frontier to make an intense bullet-hell action game.

Black water has started springing forth from the ground. It gives off a strange smell, and it clings to anything it touches. It certainly doesn’t serve any of the useful purposes regular water does.

Some see this black water as a blight. Some see it as a blessing. Some see it as something divine, while others see it as downright devilish. Some see it as a disaster. Still others see it as an economic breakthrough. Conjectures abound, and some places even celebrate it.

But soon enough, the festive atmosphere turns into something more frightening. The black water starts rising indiscriminately in beautiful streams, relaxing hot springs… and the springs where people get their drinking water.

This is the story of an incident where black water springs up from the ground without any warning. The protagonists gather underground to get to the bottom of this once and for all in this bullet-hell action game.

Key Features

  • Young Ladies Soaring Underground – In this game, you control a character venturing into the subterranean depths of Gensokyo to identify the source of the mysterious black water, shooting down every rival who stands in your way. Different characters have different controls and unique playstyles!
  • Graze-Based Bullet Dodging Action – Enemies send massive waves of bullets at you. Grazing enables you to break down these bullets by attacking or running into them on purpose. These bullet waves leave no opening, so make your own! Create your own safe spots for maneuvering and clear a path with style!
  • Draw Power from Water – Bullets you graze turn into water. When you collect enough water, you can activate powerful spellcards. Use grazing to overcome waves of bullets and power up the spellcards you’ll need to defeat your rivals!
  • A Greedy Challenge – This release features a new mode, Greedy Challenge! In this mode, you defeat enemies one after another and test your own might. This mode includes lots of items you won’t find anywhere else. Use them and keep pushing your limits even after you’re finished with story mode!

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